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The Gundagai Cup at a Glance

Gundagai is a small town situated 390 kilometres south-west of Sydney’s city centre. The town of Gundagai houses only a few thousand residents, but has come a popular destination and topic for writers as many consider it to encompass the qualities of a typical Australian Outback town. The Gundagai area has for many years been home to the indigenous people of the Wiradjuri clan, and many of the red gums in the area still bear the marks of these indigenous people’s history. The first Europeans settled in the area in around the 1820’s.

The town of Gundagai’s features in Australian history include presence in many native songs and poetry which mention the town. These include the works of Banjo Patterson, who regularly visited Gundagai.

Gundagai Racing and the Gundagai Cup

Gundagai is home to a few country horse racing events which are held on an annual basis. The Gundagai Racecourse and the Gundagai Racing Club were founded over 150 years ago, and this club was joined with the Adelong Race Club in the early 1970’s to create the current Gundagai Adelong Racing Club. The Gundagai racecourse hosts events like the Gundagai Cup and the famous Snake Gully Cup, as well as a New Years Day racing event. The club is surrounded by a large portion of shaded ground, and the bookmakers office is covered and paved. The club also offers other facilities to  players, like a grandstand for racing spectators, a club house and the Gundagai Racing Track.

Gundagai Race Track

The Gundagai race track has a total circumference of 1,900 metres, and contains a home straight of about 300 metres in length. This race track has held many Gundagai Cup and Snake Gully Cup races in its time, as well as many other country races and that should have been researched by punters to do well while making horse bets.

The Gundagai Race Track

Snake Gully Cup at Gundagai Racecourse

The Snake Gully Cup is held annually at the Gundagai Racecourse, just like the Gundagai Cup race. The Snake Gully Cup is the main feature race of the Snake Gully Cup racing event, which spans over 2 days, the 1st day being the Snake Gully Cup Day and the 2nd being the Hair of the Dog Day. In 2015, the Snake Gully Cup was held on the 13th and 14th of November, and offered $55,000’s worth of prize money to winners.

Snake Gully Cup Day 2015

On Day 1, the Snake Gully Cup Day 2015, the 1,400 metre Snake Gully Cup took place, followed by 7 other races including the Open Handicap 1,000 metre, the Benchmark 60 Handicap 1,400 metre, the Class 3 Handicap 1,180 metre, the Class 1 Handicap 1,100 metre, the Class 1 Handicap 1,400 metre, and 2 Maiden Plate 1,100 metre races.

Hair of the Dog Day 2015

On Day 2, the Hair of the Dog Day of the Snake Gully Cup event at Gundagai Racecourse was kicked off by the $17,000 Hair of the Dog Benchmark 65 Handicap race, which was run at 1,800 metres. Other races on the day included the 1,180 metre Benchmark 55 Handicap, the 1,000 metre Class 2 Plate, the 1,180 metre Class 1 Handicap, the 1,800 metre Class 1 and Maiden Plate, the 1,400 metre Maiden Handicap and the 1,000 metre Maiden Plate.