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Taking a Look at the Most Popular Roulette Betting Systems

Countless players have wished for a strategy that could help them beat the online Roulette wheel and win big. Rather than accept that there is no way to maximise their potential winnings and make up for losses, some players have devised creative betting systems.

Rather than suggesting that players place specific types of bets, betting systems determine when and how players increase or decrease the size of the bets they place.

The Martingale System

Arguably the most popular betting system among players who enjoy Roulette, the Martingale system is best suited to the European and French variants. What’s more, the versions you choose must allow you to place large outside bets.

The system works by requiring you to double your bet after every loss. For example, you start a game by betting 5.00. If you lose that spin, your next bet will be 10.00, but if you won it, you would still bet 5.00 on the next spin. If spin on which you bet 10.00 loses, your following bet will be 20.00. If you win that spin, you will revert to a 5.00 bet for the following spin.

The Paroli System

The Paroli Roulette betting system has the potential to be easier on your bankroll, and it is suitable for games with lower betting limits. To use it, you double your bet after landing a win on the wheel. Like the Martingale system, this one is best suited to outside bets.

If you are lucky enough to land two more wins in a row, you double your bet after each of them, and then revert to your original bet, regardless of whether the next result is a win or a loss. You also revert to your original bet if you lose a spin. Whereas the Martingale system could see you double your bets several times in a row, you only ever double twice in a row with the Paroli system.

The Paroli System Betting

Oscar’s Grind

The Roulette betting system known as Oscar’s Grind first appeared in Allan Wilson’s 1965 book, the Casino Gambler’s Guide. According to Wilson, he met a man named Oscar who was able to demonstrate the effectiveness of the system he devised.

To use Oscar’s Grind, you start off by placing a 1.00 outside bet. Whether you win or lose that bet, your next bet will also be 1.00. If that bet wins, you will increase your bet by one unit, so your following bet will be 2.00. If that bet also wins, the next bet you place will be 3.00. However, if it loses, the following bet will be 2.00.

Important to Remember

If you plan to use a betting system when playing online Roulette at places like, it is important that you remember that any such system can be risky. Doubling your bets repeatedly can be an easy way to deplete your bankroll faster than intended, and there are no guarantees that the wheel will produce wins in a session.

A much better idea is to stick to placing bets of one size, and to place outside bets rather than inside bets.