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Details about Online Casino Gambling Sites in the Philippines

There are more things to do and see in the Philippines than any other country in the South-Eastern parts of Asia.  The locals mostly speak English, the water as warm and inviting as the famous seafood curries on offer.  You can drink coconut milk from a real coconut in a country where rum is cheaper than water, and for the adventurer in you, there is always diving with sharks on a nice day out.

If zip-lining through the jungle and swimming with real life Barracudas isn’t exactly up your alley, you can always try one or more of the available in the Philippines.  Currently, the Philippines is the only country licensed for online gambling in the whole of South East Asia.

Online Casino Gambling Sites in Different Regions

Concerning all things gambling, the Philippines is divided into two separate regions.  The larger part of the country is regulated by government-owned Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation, or PAGCOR for short.

PAGCOR operates and controls all land-based casinos situated in the Philippines.

The second, and smaller, region is the Cagayan Special Economic Zone and Freeport, generally known as Cagayan Freeport.  Cagayan Freeport acts as the licensing authority governing online casino gambling sites in the Philippines.

The irony is that online casino gambling sites in the Philippines may only be accessed by foreign nationals – local online casinos are not permitted to offer any gambling services to local players.  Even so, a Cagayan Freeport licence is a valuable commodity, as it offers access to greater Asia, which is unchartered territory as far as online gambling is concerned.

Foreign Online Casino Gambling Sites in the Philippines

It is important to take note of the fact that online gambling isn’t completely outlawed in the Philippines.  Philippine nationals are allowed to partake in online gambling, as long as the games are accessed on foreign developer’s sites.

Not all online casinos accept players from the Philippines, but there are a number of reputable sites that do.

Basic functions such as deposits and cashing out winnings are generally supported on these sites.  MoneyGram and Western Union are two favourite money tools.

Testing the Waters

As a result of the slight limitation as a result of not all online casino sites accepting players from the Philippines, it is easy to get stuck on a limited number of online casino sites, when in fact a bit of shopping around is the better option by far.

Players from the Philippines, as well as in general, would do well to keep in mind that shopping around when it comes to online casino gambling sites will afford players the opportunity to, as it were, shop the odds.

Most reputable gambling sites give a clear indication of the site’s return to player percentage policy.  It is always a good idea to consider this first, before anything else, as it is after what it all comes down to: having fun whilst pursuing the best possible way to win real money.