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Nouveau Riche Video Slot Game Overview

Nouveau Riche video slot is a five reel, twenty payline video slot developed by IGT Gaming. With a limited bonus round and barely any special symbols, this video slot is not packed with any dramatic features or great winning opportunities, rather the good life is the main attraction of the slot title.

Game Interface

Nouveau Riche video slot echoes the notion of peace and tranquillity with weeping trees that bend and curve around the reels and give way to a river that leads the eye into the heart of an enchanted world. The focus is on the reels and there are no distracting elements that lead the eye away from the gifts and relics of an elite aristocracy that the slot title is based upon.

The graphics in Nouveau Riche real money video slot are plain and simple, yet encrusted in gold and precious stones that make the interface unique from other slot titles available. Finished off with styling that echoes the notion of a superior and sophisticated class. The controls are easy to become accustomed to with no task within the game difficult to master.  This lends Nouveau Riche video slot to anyone, which allows for any player to sample a taste of the good life.

The use of deep reds attract attention and hold the viewers gaze, muted browns dull the background allowing for the reels to pop and remain in focus, while gold and jewel encrusted reels are held by the roots of the trees, this cements the elite and aristocracy values of the game.

Reel Symbols

Lower value symbols in Nouveau Riche real pokies are represented by pink, green and blue jewels encrusted in a golden token, players will notice that some of these jewels look like paw prints echoing the notion that this ostentatious lifestyle has been filtered down to every member of the family.

Higher value symbols in the game are represented by three different fair maidens, which are clothed in fabrics from the dynamism period.

Woody Wild Symbol

The wild icon that is sprouting with some leafy green branches represents the wild symbol in Nouveau Riche pokie.

Elegant Bonus Symbol

A bonus icon that has an elegant yet plain vase in the background represents the bonus symbol in Nouveau Riche video slot. Players should keep a keen eye out for this icon, as the bonus symbol will trigger the bonus feature of the video slot.

Rich Rewards Bonus Feature

Players will need to land the bonus symbol on reels one, two or three in order to trigger the bonus feature of the game. Once the bonus feature is active players will be prompted to select one of the three fair maidens in order to determine an amount of free spins.

Players will also notice a +1 symbol on reel three and if players manage to land that symbol one more free spin will be added to the grand total. The bonus feature will end once players have played through the total amount of free spins received.