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Batman Slot Game in Detail

The Batman slot game, created by Cryptologic, is everything a person could hope for in a game staring the Dark Knight. It features all the recognisable main characters from the Batman franchise, outstanding graphics, and a suitably moody soundtrack. Each symbol design, created by a professional comic book artist, drips with detail and atmosphere, all but sweeping the player away into Gotham City.

In terms of game play the Batman real money slot game utilises a standard five reel, fifty betting line system. Be sure to take note, however, that the betting lines are fixed with all lines always being active. This will be a bit of a downside for experienced players those who prefer more direct control over their slot game experience. Perhaps in an effort to counteract the betting line decision like in online blackjack NZ, Cryptologic has added a Decent into Madness feature that allows player interaction in the way of a bonus feature. The Batman slot game is available on desktop computer, mobile phone and tablet.

Batman Slot Symbols In Detail

As already stated, the graphics of the Batman slot game are extremely impressive and detailed. The most valuable standard symbol in the game is, interestingly, not Batman, but the notoriously sinister Joker. Sporting his trademark grin and green hair, the maniacal super villain will be a welcome sight on the reels, granting a huge payout if matched the maximum of five times. Next in line, in terms of value, is Commissioner Gordon, one of Batman’s few friends. He is worth a great deal less then the Joker, but will still grant a reasonable sum if matched five times.

Following Gordon are the Bat-Cycle and Bat-Mobile, which have equal value. These are medium value symbols, and wont break the bank, even if matching five times. Next in line are the Bat-Signal, used for summoning Batman, and the Joker’s humorous gag revolver. Anyone familiar with the Joker’s revolver will know it ejects a sign that reads BANG!

The following are the low value symbols in the game; the Batman’s baterang projectile, Joker’s acid squirting flower, the Bat-Claw, and a joker playing card for players of real money casino games at


If you thought Batman had been suspiciously absent fro, the game thus far, don’t worry, he features prominently in the bonus features. The first bonus feature to look out for is the wild symbol, which shows Batman is all his moody glory.

The wild can, of course, match with all other symbols to create winning sequences. Batman will also animate when the wild symbol matches. The second bonus symbol shows the Batman symbol, seen on Batman’s chest. Note that this bonus symbol will only match if the Bonus Bet option is activated at the bottom right of the play area. Remember, however, that clicking the bonus bet option will raise the overall betting amount when activated, and will only deactivate upon being clicked a second time.

The bonus symbol, upon matching, will activate the Decent into Madness mini-game. The game involves the player attacking thugs with Batman’s throwing projectiles. Beneath each thug is a bonus prize. A lucky player may progress beyond the thugs and face the Joker for a jackpot prize.