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Paysafecard Launches Cash Withdrawals at UK ATMs

Paysafecard Launches Cash Withdrawals at UK ATMs in partnership with UK based ATM operator, Bank Machine. This business partnership enables both companies to leverage their unique partnerships and stakeholder relationships in order to bring simple and safe cash services to consumers across the UK.

This new service will provide financial freedom to people who do not have access to credit or debit cards or for those people who wish to make online transactions but are worried about online scams or card fraud. Consumers can now withdraw their Paysafecard funds at over 3000 participating ATM tellers across the UK.

The Feedback From Paysafecard CEO

Paysafecard Launches Cash Withdrawals at UK ATMs and David Hunter, CEO of Paysafecard stated that this new initiative empowers cash consumers like never before. This new venture was designed to give cash consumers allot more flexibility and convenience with their Paysafecard accounts.

It also created a further drive for ecommerce retailers to start including Paysafecard in their list of payment options. Additionally David Hunter added that their partnership with the independent ATM operator, Bank Machine, makes them the first non-bank operated ATM service that offers card less cash withdrawals to consumers in the UK.

Feedback From The Bank Machine Development Manager

Paysafecard Launches Cash Withdrawals at UK ATMs in partnership with independent ATM operator, Bank Machine. Stephen Hart, Business Development Manager for Bank Machine stated that their main aim at Bank Machine is to increase consumers in the UK’s access to cash through their ATMs.

He stated that this new partnership between Bank Machine and Paysafecard further demonstrates how online financial services and ATM cash services can work hand in hand to fulfil the needs of consumers.

The Paysafecard Service

Paysafecard Launches Cash Withdrawals at UK ATMs, which includes over 3000 ATMs across the UK. Since its establishment in 2001, Paysafecard has grown to service more than 460 000 points of purchase, with 50 000 of those based in the UK.

This e commerce service has extended its presence across 57 countries and operates at ecommerce outlets that include the world of fashion, entertainment, electronic goods and even for playing a your favourite online pokies.

Paysafecard has played a significant role in not only reducing instances of online fraud or credit card scams, but it has also assisted with reducing the cost to retailers by reducing repudiations and charge backs. Paysafecard works by loading cash onto a prepaid card or e-wallet service.

Customers then get a 19 digit code that is used to grant access to the cash value on the Paysafecard card. The cash values that can be loaded onto cards and e-wallets are between 200 and 250, with the maximum amount allowed to be held per customer ranging between 1000 and 1250.

A New World Of Convenience For Consumers

Paysafecard Launches Cash Withdrawals at UK ATMs in partnership with independent ATM operator, Bank Machine and allows newfound freedom to cash consumers. This service will make cash transactions simple, easy and safe, but also greatly expand the Paysafecard service footprint so that more consumers can now access the financial freedom offered by these two companies working together.

Subsequently, Paysafecard has been taken over and absorbed into the Paysafecard offering, and this product can also be used at ATM’s, online and at cashpoints.