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Jackpot Jester Wild Nudge Slot Review by Pro Gamblers

Jackpot Jester Wild Nudge slot, created by the NextGen developers, is an online slot machine game. It stands apart from other, similar games for a number of reasons, not in the least because of the impressive visual and audio design. The real selling point, however, is the highly intuitive and unique super play system, which is a feature not seen in almost any other casino games. All in all the game is one worth checking out, be you a veteran or casual player. To learn how this super play feature works, read on.

Audio And visual Design

The visual experience of Jackpot Jester Wild Nudge slot is a unique one. The player views the game as if it were a real slot machine, seated before an aquarium. The slot machine is convincingly created in the virtual world, and it is not too hard to become immersed in the experience. The aquarium itself, visible behind the game, is fully animated with a number of virtual fish. This effect, combined with the sometimes relaxing, sometimes exciting soundtrack, make the game one that truly stands apart in terms of aesthetic experience.

How To Play Explained

The base game of Jackpot Jester Wild Nudge slot is a simplified experience, featuring just three reels and five pay lines. The traditional tiles are used, including a lemon, diamond, cherry, and plum. Spin the reels and match the tiles, with higher value tiles paying out more. The outstanding feature, however, is the super play game, seen above the standard play game. If landing any win with a jester tile, money will be added to the super play game, which can be activated when preferred. In super play similar tiles are used, but for the added benefit of the joker tiles always filling an entire reel if even one is landed. This grants a much higher chance of winning. Any money won in the super play game is stored, and may be transferred back to the standard game at any time. Plus, the music of the game changes to a faster beat when using super play, granting a fast paced, tense experience.

Mobile Phone Play

The Jackpot Jester Wild Nudge slot is designed to be compatible with modern mobile smart phones. With an easy, one touch user interface, touch screen play is intuitive and seamless. Plus, with tiles that are designed to be easily recognisable, a smaller phone screen is not a problem. If, however, you find that the game is running badly, or is handling awkwardly, you may prefer to play on your laptop or home computer. In order to get the game on your phone, simply search for it in the applicable application store; Google Play Store for Android, or Apple iStore for Apple. Once the game is located, take a moment to see if a notification is telling you the game is compatible with your device, then tap the download button. Download and installation will happen automatically. Once installation completes, tap the icon to start playing at Canadian mobile casino sites. Note that you may pay both for free and real money, as is preferred.