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The Best Football Matchups in A-league

The Best Football Matchups in A-league Australia

For great local Australian football action, the A-league is the place to go. The A-league started in 2004 as the successor to the National Soccer League.

With 9 teams from Australia and one from New Zealand, it offers exciting football action and some great sports betting opportunities at the same time.

You can make real money online wagers using either your computer or smartphone. Once you are an online sports betting site member you will have your own personal bookmaker at home or in your pocket.

The Football Season

The A-league season runs between October and April. Each of the teams play each other team 3 times, with these matches being split into 27 rounds.

Once the teams are split into the 6 best clubs, they will compete in the finals.

For the best value wagering in Australia on A-league regular season matches, the best place to go is an online betting site.

Once you are a member of a betting site you can easily place wagers on all your favourite teams. You will be able to make single bets, spread bets, take part in unique proposition bets and more.

Other Notable League Events

The A-league also features female teams called the W-League. These teams have gained a massive fan base in Australia and they offer some great additional wagering opportunities.

Alongside the  A-league you will also find the FFA Cup knockout tournament that offers even more football betting action.

Make Exciting Finals Bets

There have been different formats incorporated to determine the champions during the A-league finals in Australia.

This means that in future games there may be different formats used that may alter bettor’s wager styles.

Currently the A-league is using a knockout style tournament for the 6 top teams. This tournament runs for 3 weeks leading up to the finals.

Team Rivalries In Australian Football

One of the best reasons to bet on the A-league games in Australia is the exciting team rivalry matches. One of the biggest rival matchups is the Big Blue played each year on Australia Day.

This event pits the two biggest cities in Australia against each other, Melbourne and Sydney.

Other exciting matchups include the F3 Derby between the Central Coast Mariners and the Newcastle Jets and the Melbourne Derby between Melbourne City and Melbourne Victory.

Why Use Online Betting Sites

Online esports betting sites brings convenience and value to sports bettors. Once you have gone through registration at a betting site you will find how simple sports betting can be.

The A-league has so many matches throughout the year and online sports betting compiles all the top matchups so your betting can be smooth and quick.

You can find all the latest match result and team statistics on betting sites so that each wager you place can be placed in confidence.

Once you download the sports betting applications found on sites, your betting will be taken to the next level since you can now place wagers in real Australia Dollars using your smartphone.