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Spring Carnival Slot Alternatives Review

Some Spring Carnival Slot Alternatives

If you have played the Spring Carnival slot game, and really enjoyed it, you might be looking for some good alternatives to this very popular slot. Fortunately there are a number of good options that are worth considering.

In terms of Spring Carnival Slot alternatives, players should ask themselves whether it is the horse racing theme that is of the most interest to them, or whether it is some other aspect of the game that they are looking for in another game. Whatever the case, the Spring Carnival Slot alternatives are quite varied, and so players should certainly be able to find an option that they enjoy.

Spring Carnival Slot Alternative Titles

The first title worth mentioning when considering Spring Carnival Slot alternatives is the Golden Derby slot, a game developed by Net Entertainment. However, don’t be confused when you first have a look at this game, because it is actually not a slot. It still revolves around the horse racing theme, but players are able to bet on a horse, in a typical fashion to what might happen at a race track. If for whatever reason you are unable to place bets on real live horse racing, then this is a good option to consider. The game does require luck to be on your side, however you can also look at things like horse racing form. All of these elements combined can result in some good entertainment.

Sport Slot Games Options

Coming back to slot games, and in particular to Spring Carnival Slot alternatives, Wild Games might be worth looking at. While this is not strictly a horse racing slot, it is a sport themed slot, and offers a wide range of winning possibilities. If sports are your thing, whether this might be horse racing, or any other type of ball sport, then try out Wild Games.  One of the features of this slot is that jackpot prizes can be won quite unexpectedly, and the game is played at a fast pace. You shouldn’t get bored playing this game at all. The slot also offers a number of different spot prizes, which are different to the standard ways of winning. Full details about this particular slot game are available to players at any stage.

Another sporting slot, and a good consideration when look for Spring Carnival Slot alternatives, is the Shoot game. This slot was developed by Microgaming, and also consists of a number of different sporting symbols. These range from soccer balls to a range of other football or soccer icons. If you are a football fan, chances are you will get some enjoyment out of this slots game. It is possible to try out this game in no deposit mode. This is a good option for testing it out to see if you enjoy it, or if you don’t really like it. Of course you will not be eligible to win any real money jackpots while playing this version of the game. If you do decide that you really like it, you can then switch over and start playing the real money version of the slot.