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US PGA; The Most Lucrative of All the Major Golf Tournaments

Golf is a sport that is so internationally popular that every country has some tournaments that are so well known everyone enjoys reading and hearing about them. Golf attracts a huge number of people who follow all the tournaments and competitions, and watch live coverage on television. The United States is a leader in many things, and among them is the quality and prestige of the golf tournaments held there. One of these famous competitions is the USA PGA.

The PGA Championship, sometimes referred to as the US PGA, is an annual golf tournament conducted by the Professional Golfers Association of America. It is one of the four major championships in professional golf, and it is the golf season’s final major competition, played in mid August each year, on the third weekend before Labor Day.  It is an official money event on the PGA Tour with a purse of ten million dollars for the 96th edition in 2014. This makes the US PGA the most lucrative of the four major tournaments. In line with the other four majors, winning the PGA gives a golfer several privileges which makes his career much more secure. If he is not already one of the elite players of the sport, the PGA champions are automatically invited ti play in the other three major tournaments, the Masters Tournament, the US Open and the Open Championships for the next five years. They are also exempt for life from having to qualify for the US PGA championship.

The PGA championships have been held at a variety of venues, but currently it is usually staged by one of a small group of celebrated courses, each of which has already hosted several other leading events, including the US Open and the Ryder Cup.

The Origin of the US PGA

The Professional Golfers association was established in New York in 1916. The first PGA Championship was held in October of that year. The winner, Jim Barnes, received 500 dollars and a diamond studded gold medal. The winner in 2012, Rory McIlroy, earned over one million dollars. The winner is Also awarded a trophy, to keep for a year.

Online Betting on the Majors

The development of golf betting into the predominant sports betting site it is today is relatively recent. It has certainly become a very rewarding occupation, popular with a huge number of punters.  The major golfing tournaments, like the British Open and the US Open are some of the largest sporting events in the world. Golf is an extremely competitive sport, and there are numerous different bets that the punter is able to make. Also the golfing enthusiast who would like to place a bet will find the opportunities available nearly every weekend. The several options open to the punter include a bet on the winner of that particular tournament, or the performance of individual players.  Sports Betting NZ is now also extremely popular online, and there are now many sports books and sites to cater to this large worldwide market, and to enable this pastime to be ever easier and more fun.