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Unique Slot Features in Lucky 5 Reeler

In design, Lucky 5 Reeler is also unique. The five reels are in a simple rectangular gold frame against a background of red-and-black checks, but there are four smaller reel frames arrayed above the main frame in the centre of the screen. These reel sets duplicate the winning combinations that come up on the first, second, third and fourth spins of a round, to record the player’s prizes on each spin. The fifth and final spin of each round occurs on the main reel set only.

Winning Combinations can Start Anywhere

Another feature that sets Lucky 5 Reeler apart from most other slots relates to the creation of winning combinations. All symbols require matches of three, four or five in unbroken sequence on one of the 10 pay lines, but unusually, these combos do not have to begin on Reel 1. This allows players to win on runs of four matching icons from Reel 2, or three matches starting on Reels 2 or 3.

Players can vary the number of pay lines engaged on each spin, as well as the total stake per spin, which is then divided over the number of lines in play. Astute Lucky 5 Reeler players engage all 10 pay lines on every spin, however, even if their budgets then compel them to lower the stakes per line. This is because the RTP increases from 87.76 per cent, the rate when playing 5 lines, to 94.67 per cent, when the player is betting on the maximum 10 lines.

No Wilds or Scatter Bonus

In another departure from standard slots practice, Lucky 5 Reeler has no Wild or Scatter symbols to trigger bonus rounds. However, with each paid spin having four free re-spins, this is hardly noticeable.

Lucky 5 Reeler also uses a total of nine symbols only, as opposed to the dozen or more, including bonus icons, that many slots include. Statistically, this smaller pool of symbols, along with the ability of combos to start on any reel, gives the player better odds of scoring three matches or better. So Lucky 5 Reeler compensates for its lack of a Wild by its potential for more frequent wins.

Simple Theme Continues in Symbols

The no-frills approach continues into the Lucky 5 Reeler icons. Artwork is simple and stylised, but bright colours set them apart and make each easily recognisable. The five poker symbols start off paying 0.5X the line bet for three 10s, Js or Qs, rising as high as 10X the line bet for five Ks or As.

The four other symbols are a lucky black cat, a four-leafed clover, raven-haired Lady Luck, and the Lucky 5 Reeler game logo. For five of a kind, they win 15X, 15X, 30X and 50X the line bet, respectively. These prizes are lower than average, but the title’s winning potential is enhanced by its sticking symbols; a player can score three of a kind, four of a kind and then five of a kind of the same symbol on the same pay line, in one round of re-spins.

The slot title Lucky 5 Reeler is not just decidedly different compared to most other slots from Barcrest Games, it differs from most online casino Dubai slots titles in general. For instance, each spin is in effect five spins, with any symbols in winning positions sticking on the main reel frame during the re-spins, allowing the player the chance to create bigger wins with the addition of new symbols delivered by the re-spins.