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Retro Cheese in Lucky 8 Line Slot

The Lucky 8 Line slot title from NetEntertainment is a throwback old-fashioned fruit-machine slots, with three reels and no bonus features. NetEnt has created a design reminiscent of the first computerised slot machines, complete with a frenetic electronic soundtrack of beeps, bloops and bells. The playing interface is designed like a boxy cabinet machine showing primitive graphics, and in a tongue-in-cheek touch, the background looks like a cheesy casino from the 1970s.

The NetEnt logo is slipped in on a chrome-and-glass drinks table next to the machine, but players’ focus will be on the three reels displaying three windows each on the old-school grainy blue ‘video screen’ of the Lucky 8 Line gaming cabinet.

Creating 8 Pay Lines on 9 Windows

Lucky 8 Line gets its name from the 8 pay lines that criss-cross the nine reel windows: three horizontals, three verticals and two diagonals. Players can bet on any number of pay lines from 1 to 8, and they can also vary the wager in single increments between 1 and 8 coins per line. Coin size can be set at either 10c or 20c, so the maximum bet per spin is 12.80.

The top prizes on the Lucky 8 Line pay table are won by complete matches: in other words, all 9 windows on the reels filled by an identical symbol. So it makes sense to engage all 8 pay lines on every spin. If this proves too expensive at maximum bet, the player can reduce the stake per line while remaining eligible to win Lucky 8 Line’s top prizes.

Fruit Machine Symbols Throughout

There are no poker symbols or exotic themes in Lucky 8 Line. In keeping with its retro styling, all the icons are drawn from classic fruit machines. A single cherries icon on Reel 1, as is traditional, wins a consolation prize of 2 credits, or 2X the line bet. Cherries on Reels 1 and 2 and the same pay line win 5 credits, and three cherries win 10 credits. That is also the prize for three mixed bar symbols, or three oranges.

Three olives win 14 credits, three bells win 18, and three watermelons win 20. Three single bars win 30 credits, three double bars win 50, and three triple bars win 100. The top prize for single pay lines is 200 coins for three Lucky 7s.

Pay Table Specials Deliver Big Prizes

The Lucky 8 Line pay table also includes a number of special wins, most of them related to the ‘all’ wins: in other words, when all 9 windows on the reels contain the same symbols. All mixed fruits win 15 credits, all mixed bars or oranges win 50, and the prizes increase in similar increments until 500 credits for all triple bars.

Lucky 8 Line’s Lucky 7s are even more useful, as they win prizes based on the total number of Lucky 7s on the screen, no matter what pay lines they feature in. This prize starts at 2 credits for two Lucky 7s, rising to 1,000 credits for all Lucky 7s.