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The History of Fruit Machines

Long, long ago, in the prehistoric days before internet, and even computers, slots were mechanical devices. A coin was inserted in a large slot entrance on the side of the device, an lever on the other side was physically pulled, and the reels actually spun. If they landed up in a winning combination, there was a gush of coins into the holder at the bottom of the machine. At this time, these machines were referred to as ‘one-arm’ bandits, fruit machines, or as a coin slot.

The reels were bedecked with a small array of different symbols, of which a major proportion was fruit symbols. As the reels spun, players obviously hoped for identical fruit, and combinations of fruit to line up on the pay line, which would then indicate a win. Colloquially these slot machines came to be referred to as fruit machines. A current swathe of online slots development has seen the come-back of these rather beautiful and now online fruit machines. This has been matched by an upswing in popularity as many slots players favour these retro-style online fruit machines.

The World has Gone Mobile

Now, of course, not only are online casinos an expected privilege, but mobile slots play is the normal state of affairs.  The online world is huge, actually better, truly massive. And, part of that acclaim goes to the online casino world, of which millions of casinos and games have been constructed. Despite all of this advancement, slots, as a casino game have remained unquestionably the most popular of them all. Separating the men from the boys is how online casinos should be played, high stakes high reward.

With real money games have just that extra kick, and the thrills of winning seem to magnify tenfold. This type of gambling pits the skills of the trade between the players and the casino against each other with the victor walking away a good deal wealthier. Fruit machines, and specifically online fruit machines, have become the players’ choice of casino gaming.

When the first mobile phones started to appear nobody would have realised just how far we would go with them. Today our mobiles can do almost anything, including gambling online. And with that portability comes a whole range of great casino features that will have players glued to their phones. The power and diligence that mobiles have is perfect for supporting the high quality games and casinos and players can enjoy that mobile strength from anywhere and at any time.

On top of this the mobile online casino market is one of the most explosively expanding markets on the internet and as such has a whole range of top game and software designers flooding the net with great quality and interactive gameplay. The relative newness of this casino market also has plenty of bonuses and jackpots. Online fruit machines now include multi-reel games, numerous payout lines, progressive jackpots and wide variety of bonuses.

The Slot Game Genre

When it comes to casino games few have outperformed real money online pokies. A time honoured casino game with the potential to carry progressive jackpots which, as we know, keep accumulating until they’re won. The design and gameplay of online fruit machines have always absorbed focussed players. Additionally there are a series of bonuses here too, with free spins and an abundance of paylines available. Players will find the online fruit machines that spin just right for them and the prizes to keep them coming back for more.