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The Legend of the 300 Shields Story

The 300 Shields slot machine was created by NextGen Gaming, and is the slots game of the legendary story of Thermopylae. Ancient Greek legend has it that 300 Spartans, or 300 Shields, defended a mountain pass against huge numbers of Persian invaders. The graphics in the slots game are excellently done and extravagant. The slots game itself is based on the film of the same name that celebrates the Greek legend and brings it to life.

300 Shields slot machine is of standard design, and has 5 reels and twenty-five pay lines. The symbols on the reels are all taken from the film and include a variety of different weapons of the time, Greek temples, gladiators and archers. The remainder of the spaces on the reels are filled with the standard playing card symbols. The playing cards are, however, thematically represented in ancient Greek style and pierced with an arrow.

Excellent Game Features and Effects

During the action-filled game play on this machine, arrows fly directly at the player, and the décor includes a blood-stained sword on its leather scabbard. The most valuable symbols that players will want to see appearing on a pay line are a wooden ship with sails and oarsmen, and an archer drawing his bow. Should two or more archers appear, they become animated and fire their arrows out of the screen at the player.

The background to the game of 300 Shields is a wheat field under blue skies. There are temples in the background, and all the opening game screens are riddled with arrows and signs of battle.

The Wild and Scatter Symbols

The Wild symbol in 300 Shields slot is the Archer. Clad in the royal armour of gold, this Wild symbol will substitute for any other symbol, apart from the Scatter symbol in forming a winning combination. When this happens, and a win is achieved, the Archer becomes animated and waves his sword around.

The main Shield of the 300 Shields is the Scatter symbol. This symbol also activates the Free Spins Bonus feature. The shield Scatter symbol also becomes animated when two or more of them appear on the reels. During this animation, the shield opens and an armoured warrior leaps forth accompanied by battle cries much aggressive sword waving.

The Notable Free Spins Feature

The Free Spins feature is triggered by three or more Shield Scatter symbols appearing anywhere on the reels. This achievement will award players with five free spins, each with a winnings multiplier of two. During the Free Spins game, additional Shield Scatter symbols appearing reward players with more free spins and increasing multipliers. Every two Shield symbols means an additional five free spins, and an increase to the multiplier effect.

In so doing, the accumulation of 12 or more extra Shields appearing on the reels during this lucrative game feature can lead to a multiplier effect of 300x, which, apart from adding significance to the name of the game, also adds a significant bonus to the players’ wallet at river belle casino.

300 Shields, as a notable slots game from NextGen Gaming, can be enjoyed for free as well as for real money. This is a medium to high volatility slots game albeit with broad game play options. The entertainment value of this slots game is also highly rated although the jackpot size may be what keeps players coming back for more.