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A Short Review About Warragul Harness Racing in AU

Harness racing is a unique discipline that falls under horse racing, which is a highly popular pastime for punters from across the globe.

Structured around technique, rhythm and style harness racing embodies just two distinct gaits. Trotting and pacing are the two gaits found in the sport with a driver in tow saddled in a sulky.

Punters opting for harness racing betting at Warragul should consider each gait on individual performance. Trotting relies on the standard bred horses steady rhythm and the driver’s ability to keep the horse in line.

While pacing is a more consistent gait with quicker rhythm that is easier to maintain, trotting relies heavily on discipline and maintenance.

Warragul Track

Warragul harness racing track is located in Logan Park, South Road Victoria. With each State in Australia administered by independent principal Authorities, Warragul falls under the Jurisdiction of Victoria, Australia.

Harness Racing Victoria controls all harness racing at Warragul. With special events at Warragul including an Easter Sunday feature event held on the 16th of April, the Warragul Pacing Bowl Cup and the Eddie Evison Memorial Warragul Trotters Cup, punters have a rich feast of betting opportunities to select from at Warragul racetrack.

Warragul racetrack is composed of Granitic sand, a hard surface with various rock mixtures allowing for quick runs.

The circumference of Warragul is 837.00 meters; the length of the home straight is 147.00 meters and the radius of turn’s amount to just 86 meters, perfect for standard bred horses that like to stretch their legs.

winners holding Trotters Cup

Best Betting Tips 

Punters seeking thrilling bets at Warragul track, with calculated strategy points should consider the following basic best crown oaks betting tips.

The Post Position

The majority of harness races at Warragul and other tracks around the globe are contested across a mile. The postposition places a large emphasis on best bets at Warragul.

Horses positioned at inside posts need to cover less ground, this gives them the edge on the inside trip with shorter turns that allow for more speed leading up to the home straight.

Horses positioned at posts out wide have longer turns with wider radius points, narrowing the speed at which they turn into the home straight.

Consider The Driver

Punters in quest of Warragul wagers should consider both horse and driver when opting for a holistic valuable bet.

Harness racing is run with standard bred horses, which show consistent and continued form over and above thoroughbred horses, because of racing consistency with prolonged events.

The form of the horse is equally as important as the form of the driver. Harness racing embodies total style and rhythm. The horse relies on the driver to lead and the driver trusts the horse to maintain its edge while leading.

Punters in quest of valuable bets at Warragul have the opportunity to research individual drivers through a tool called the Universal Driver Rating. This helpful tool allows punters to view driver stats and compile a historic account of records, which is helpful when summing race potential.

Race Starts 

Harness races are started in two unique ways, mobile and standing starts. Standing Starts are stationary staring positions, while mobile starts are more frequently used throughout harness racing.

Mobile Starts make use of mobile barriers; generally cars would be used as the barrier. The mobile barrier extends with two long arms and horses line up behind the arms for the start.

Warragul racetrack has 7 mobile and 7 stand positions on the front line; in fields Warragul makes use of 10 mobile positions and 12 stand positions.