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What is Corkball and How To Bet On It

Corkball is a sport that resembles baseball in many ways, but has been condensed drastically. As apposed to standard baseball where homeruns are achieved by runners physically moving from plate to plate, Corkball is based entirely on how far the batter hits the ball. Upon the ball being hit, and travelling a certain distance, the movement of the runners on the bases is stated as per the written rules. The game is a much faster and more precise form of baseball, hence making it a firm favourite of bet makers around the world, but specifically in the Untied States.

A game of Corkball generally takes a great deal less time than a standard game of baseball, given that little time is spent fielding the ball.  Game of Corkball can be done in just a fraction of the time seem in standard baseball. And, Corkball also has a flexible nature as far as innings are concerned, meaning that it can be condensed even further. It is possible to play a full game of Corkball in just fifteen minutes, depending on the style of game played and rules used.

Corkball History

Corkball originally came about because baseball enthusiasts wanted to play baseball, but did not have the required space. Especially in crowded cities, players decided to play baseball where they could, including in alleys, on streets, and sometimes even indoors. Since fielding was not possible, players eventually began to decide on a set of rules that suited their situation. Over time a specific set of rules became official, and the game of Corkball was formed. The game is still often played in streets and parks in the United States, and other parts of the world.

Today Corkball has been officially adopted as a sport, and has many professional leagues around the world. The game is most popular by far in the United States, and is commonly played in schools where full size fields are not available. Other countries, such as Japan, also have Corkball teams, and the game likewise played by children and adults where full size fields are not available.

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Sports Betting On Corkball

It is common in the United States to be on professional Corkball games. It is now also possible, however, to bet on Corkball wherever you are in the world, given the flexibility of modern online NZ betting sites. The sport is considered to be somewhat niche, however, and not all online bookmakers will offer betting options.

Common Corkball bets are simply fixed odds on which team the bet maker predicts will win. Other, more focused betting options do exist, however, such as predicting the final scores of the match, as well as when particular favoured players will go out, or how many runs they will score. Combination bets are possible, such as predicting a winning team, and the number of runs they will win by. Check your favourite online bookmaker to see which betting options have been made available. Also lookout for live feeds of Corkball games that may be offered, which allow fans from across the world to see games be played live.