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A Guide To Horse Racing Betting in New Zealand

Horse Racing is in essence the art – many claim the science – of predicting a winning horse from two or more horses over a pre-specified distance, or route.  The sport has been around for many years, and in fact is deemed to hail from the earliest times.  Over the years, the basics have remained the same, with countries adopting and developing their own unique Horse Racing traditions and customs.

Historians agree that the sport has been around since 648 B.C., with chariot races and traditional mounted races being two of the main events featured in the Greek Olympics.

Horse Racing in New Zealand too, stretches all the way back to colonial times, and has since become a pivotal part of the New Zealand economy – it has had an impact on everything, from the GDP to work creation; creating 18 300 new full-time jobs in 2004 alone.

New Zealand: A Matter Of Pride

Yearly, more than 1 million people attend races in New Zealand, and the country sports more than 59 featured racecourses.

As mentioned before, countries establish their own Horse Racing traditions – or focus areas, so to speak.  In New Zealand, the bloodstock industry is first and foremost.  New Zealand does not only offer prime racing courses and events for sports betting, but are also at the forefront of the export sale of champion racehorses.  The revenue generated by this exceeds 120 million US dollars annually.  This is considered a sizeable chunk of the country’s overall revenue income.

This is no small wonder, as the country has perfected the breeding and feeding of first class racehorses down to an absolute art.  The country’s mild climate certainly adds to their success rate, along with quality food and pastures, and of course, excellent horsemanship.

From the pastures to the barrier to the winning post, New Zealand is a poster country for success in Horse Racing.

The Art Of The Bet

The New Zealand Racing Board is the statutory body that oversees the Horse Racing Industry in Zealand.  It is obligated under the Racing Act of New Zealand to promote and maximize Horse Racing in the country.  Furthermore, it also regulates and seeks to improve racing practise amongst the various racing clubs and events, in order for the sports betting process to run like a well-oiled machine.

The New Zealand Racing Board also regulates New Zealand’s horse racing online betting NZ sites, ensuring the smooth efficacy of online Horse Racing betting.

Control And Accountability

Besides the general conditions and excellent horsemanship, it is also the strict controls and body of accountability that keeps the sport so well on track.  The New Zealand Thoroughbred Racing Inc. is the official governing body of thoroughbred racing.  It controls and oversees everything from breeding standards to quality control at official races to ensuring fair wagering at races.  It is basically the code that everything rides on, right down to the basic rules of racing.

The New Zealand Thoroughbred Racing Inc. company also run apprenticeship schools in the racing areas, further developing the ultimate quality of Horse Racing in New Zealand in general.