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Slam Dunk with the Best NBA Odds

And the pinnacle of basketball, as far as many fans across the globe are concerned, is the NBA. The USA’s National Basketball Association is home to some of the sport’s most revered professional clubs, including the Lakers, the Celtics and the Nets. Its players reap rich rewards, so for many basketball fans in far-flung countries, the NBA is a thrilling embodiment of the American Dream.

Basketball has moderate equipment costs, fairly simple rules, and requires a mixed athletic skill set along with teamwork. So it isn’t hard to understand why it is becoming increasingly popular all over the world.

Finding a Betting Site for NBA Wagers

Choosing an NBA Australian betting site from hundreds on offer may depend on personal preferences: those that are the easiest to use on a preferred device, for example. Finding a betting site registered in a jurisdiction that accepts bets from the punter’s home country is a good start: betting legally gives punters better protection in the event of any disputed wins.

Players also need to ensure the site can protect their banking and personal information properly. Many sites are the online arm of a well-established land-based betting chain, and these generally take customer protection seriously.

Basketball fans aren’t the only ones who love the NBA. Punters who enjoy sports betting are also big fans, and basketball lovers who also enjoy wagering on the sport get the best of both worlds. The Internet has made the process even easier; these days, punters from all over the world can enjoy their NBA action from wherever they are, whenever they feel like it, at mobile and online betting sites.

Plenty of Variation in Betting Action

Part of the appeal of betting on the NBA is the range of bets available; wagering on basketball has developed way beyond simply picking a winning team. On one betting sites alone, players can place Game Lines, Parlay Boosters, Props, Margin of Victory, 1st Quarter Lines, 1st Half Lines, 2nd Half Lines, 3rd Quarter Lines, Total Points, Double Results and Season Futures bets, on any games between the 30 teams in the NBA.

A number of sites also hook punters up to live streaming of NBA game footage, so they can follow the action just like they would if they were in the stadium, from anywhere around the globe. Following games live means that punters who understand how odds change vary their bets during the game, for better long-term rewards.

A Brief NBA History

After a colourful beginning in which basketball was promoted by owners of ice hockey arenas in northern US states as a way to fill their stadiums during the off season, a number of professional basketball leagues amalgamated as the NBA by 1950. At that stage, their were 11 franchises, but by 1954, only eight remained: the Syracuse Nationals, the New York Knicks, the Tri-Cities Blackhawks, the Boston Celtics, the Philadelphia Warriors, the Fort Wayne Pistons, the Rochester Royals and the Minneapolis Lakers. All eight remain in the NBA today, although their names and/or home cities may have altered over time.

The Celtics dominated NBA league tables during the 1960s, and the 70s saw rapid expansion. This era also marked the start in an explosion of popularity, both in the USA and the rest of the world, as television and exhibition teams like the Harlem Globetrotters, although not a competitor in the NBA, popularised the sport to global audiences. That popularity continues to increase to this day, and the NBA now features 30 teams, one of which is based in Canada.