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The Origin of All Rugby Clashes

The State of Origin series is one of Australia’s premier sporting events.  It is one of Rugby League’s finest sporting creations – and being crowned State of Origin champion is battled out annually by Queensland and New South Wales.  Being selected to wear a State of Origin jersey is a prime and coveted honour for any Rugby League player.  In order to qualify, players must represent the state in which they first played senior league football.

A Matter Of Ownership

We love sports for many reasons – one of them being the sense of national pride and belonging that it creates.  We experience a sense of ownership of the players that we love, and from experience, we expect these players to behave in a certain way.  We live the players, live the games and experience a sense of thrill at being able to predict future outcomes based on the ability to correctly assess players and games.  Sports betting offers a rare combination of human interest and the possibility of winning real money.  Punters love State of Origin as it is nothing short of a poster-child for this kind of hype.

Due to the nature of the traditional element and national pride involved in State of Origin, tickets to the play-offs are sold out at record speeds and the atmosphere at these events is second to no other.  This, coupled with the fact that Rugby League is a physical game with a frenzied and frantic nature, is perhaps the main reason why State of Origin attracts so many punters.

Where Luck Meets Knowledge

There is always a wealth of information and statistics available whenever any major, well-attended sporting event is involved.  In Australia, it hardly gets more big-time and well-attended than State of Origin.  This creates a highly favourable space for punters.  The online arena is awash with real-time tips and recommendations and punters need not look very far for historical data as well as computerised futures predictions.

When it comes to cricket betting, its no longer a matter of watching what everyone else is doing and following suit.  The internet has become the great equalizer – making inside-information available to everyone, at all times.  There is hardly any excuse for being uninformed – as the information is all there, just waiting to be utilised.   Luck will almost certainly always continue to play a role, but wit and savvy have been afforded an equal chance now that match outcomes and player statistics have become public knowledge.

A Showdown Like No Other

Over two million bets have been placed on State of Origin, nationally, just in the year 2012. Since then, the number has grown annually – with almost one third of all bets being placed online.  State of Origin is a showdown like no other, and it certainly shows in the numbers.  State of Origin is one of the biggest draw cards for punters as a result of the mere size of it as well as the level of support and attendance it enjoys.