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Its all in a Call to Bet, from a Click

Online gambling laws in Australia prohibit licensed online sports betting sites from offering bettors live, or in-play, bets which are those that are placed after a match starts. Bettors are however able to place live bets in person or over the telephone which is why the Click to Call feature is to become increasingly available at online sports betting sites because it is argued that the Click to Call feature does not in any way breach the online gambling laws.

By allowing bettors the opportunity to use the click to Call feature, they are given the chance to connect to and place live bets through their computer microphones by being connected to the live betting team. This is therefore a telephone call and does not go against the gambling laws in Australia.

About Click to Call Technology

Click to Call is basically a web based communication where one clicks a button or icon in order to have a connection with another in real time. This connection is either done over a phone call, text or voice over internet protocol.

The technology of Click to Call has evolved into being a web to telephone service where the operator calls on a telephone and not necessarily the computer.

The feature may be used in hyperlinks, blogs, emails, flash animation and other internet user interfaces. It is simply a means to request a call back from an operator of your favourite sports betting site.

The technology originates from the initial technology that needed a software download in order for the user to connect with another with the same software. It was a computer to computer connection which was need to communicate but today, the technology no longer requires software to be downloaded except for plugins perhaps, such as Flash.

Online sports betting sites do not necessarily need bettors to enter their private telephone numbers in order to use the Click to Call feature as the connection is made via the site.

How Click to Call for Betting Works

Only a handful of online sports betting sites have this feature but it is a possibility that it will become far more available in the near future. The Click to Call feature is activated on Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari and FireFox web browsers. William Hill and Tom Waterhouse are the first two online sports betting sites to feature Click to Call and these industry giants have led the way for more to jump on board.

Bettors have the option to pre-select any of the live betting options that are available through the live betting page on the online sports betting site but they must finalise the live betting options selected by connecting with an operator through the Click to Call feature which is accessibly by one click. The operators will then prompt the bettors to either cancel their selected live bets or confirm their selected live bets.

The sports online betting NZ industry has also seen the Click to Call feature available on the mobile platform which is accessible on the Android and iOS operating systems.